8 Real Life Studying Tips That Will Make Your College Days Easier

Only college students know how studying can sometimes get you restless for hours, or worse, can rob you a week’s worth of sleep. One cannot just go to college and party their way out of it. The never-ending academic papers and subject requirements will require you to establish and know effective techniques, including good study tips for college, to cope up.

Sure, let’s say you finished high school without doing much effort to graduate with flying colors but dear, finally getting a degree can be somewhat different. Instead of just getting lucky in college, why not switch things up and surprise yourself by building a better momentum in your academic life?

Studying Tips You Could Try in College

In order to create good study habits, you must know what works best for you. You must test different study tips for college to know whether they suit you as a student or not. If you don’t have any tips in mind right now, let me introduce you to a couple of them:

1. The art of note-taking

Trust me, your notes are your weapons during exams. You may want to jot down some golden words from your professors and keep them to survive every semester. Make sure that your notes are well-written and the ideas are organized. You can also try using graphics and diagrams to compare and contrast different concepts.

2. Getting enough sleep is the key

A sleepy mind can have a hard time gathering even the littlest information. To retain the things you heard during discussions, you will need to have an active mind that is adaptive to new knowledge. Sleep is essential to ease and prepare your mind for your daily classroom activities and exams.

3. Read and review your notes every day

Reading your notes every day for 15-30 minutes is a good way to retain important concepts from your lessons. Be familiar with your notes because it will help you during examinations too. There is a phenomenon where students can remember the words and concepts depending on how they are written and placed inside their notebooks. Also, reviewing your notes every day can help you understand ideas in a complex manner, and not just memorize them the day before your quizzes!

4. Use flashcards

One key to retaining fresh information is to use handy flashcards. You can bring them anywhere, and study at your most convenient time whether you’re in the cafeteria or restroom.

5. Don’t cram!

Procrastination is always present, but it can be avoided. Just remember that time, in college, is not your best friend. It will not wait and give you peace to finish a good quality project overnight. The clock will continuously tick and you will find yourself rushing. Really, don’t make cramming as your habit. Do your activities as soon as possible to avoid conflicts the night before the deadline.

6. Find a good environment to study

It’s more relaxing to study with a clean table than a messy one. Imagine seeing some chips and a bottle of coke from last night and other unnecessary things while studying details about the nervous system. The whole image is just bothering. Avoid studying in places that make you too comfortable to even dream of getting a nice sleep too, such as on your bed. All in all, you may just want to look for an environment that will allow the good flow of information inside your brain.

7. Join a study group

For some, this is really helpful, but there are other people who also say that this gets them nowhere. It’s not really surprising because this technique will work depending on the people you are studying with and your skill to collaborate with them. If you want to know whether this works for you or not, you just simply have to find your study group and do a session with them.

8. Be organized

Use a planner and plan ahead! List down the things that you need to accomplish for the day to avoid being off-track. Don’t forget to write upcoming schedules and deadlines too.


College life can be tricky, but it can be fun if you master your way out of things. Just try these study tips for college and expect to see a great difference in your college life along the way!