Excel Training & Tutorials

excel tutorialEverybody has a cousin who kinda’ knows Excel. Kinda’ maybe knows how to answer your questions if you give him enough time and access to the internet.

I have a cousin. His name is Joey. Really good at fixing cars.

Brain Surgery? Not so much.
Excel Spreadsheets? That neither.

So while Joey is fixing my car, I scoured the internet to find all the best Excel Training Sites and Classes.

You ready? Here it goes.

By Excel Training Class Type

  • Magic of Pivot Tables – Excel Guru – At one time, I lost out in a “competition” that Ken was having where the prize was a copy of this training. Yep… I lost. Ken felt bad for me and gave me a copy anyways. LOVED IT. This is a one hour video course that comes with sample files, an e-book and an immediate download. This link takes you to an Excel 2010 Class.. but he also has them for 2007 and 2003. Check it out.
  • Excel School by Chandoo – Online and Download Options
  • Dashboard Tutorial by Chandoo – Excel Video Dashboard Tutorial
  • VBA Classes byChandoo – Several Options to join VBA Classes
  • Excel, Word & Outlook Training – Price comparison of the Office Suite Training – Some are free
  • Excel Dashboard Course – Build dashboards from your desktop in Excel. This course is in high demand.
  • Online Advanced Excel Course – A great course if you have a good grasp of the basics and are ready to go to the next level with Excel.

Training Site Listing

  • ExcelHero – Daniel Ferry’s site. From dashboards… to VBA.
  • Chandoo’s Training – Classes from Excel School, to VBA, to Dashboards
  • myOnlineTraininghub – an extensive excel blog and is packed with training materials for Excel, Word, and Outlook.