Tips And Advice For Small Businesses

Do you ever feel pressured by the mess of your office or sales office? Do non-sales tasks take too much time and get you down? Maybe, you want to grow your business, but assume only the big corporations have the budgets to do so?

bullet-business-articlesIn this section, I am going to show you inexpensive and easy ways to improve your business with small tips that can be done over time, or quickly the same day. For example, your office may have years of accumulated dust and paper, but, I can guide you through cleaning that up or at least getting it to a manageable level. Your regular customers will certainly appreciate the effort.

Typically, little things add up to bigger productivity or larger revenues, but you need to know how to access that information. Although easy to implement, it is not always easy to think about when you are caught up in your own business. That is the main reason I put together the small business tips section. I want to be able to provide tidbits that can help.


Does advertising scare you?

I understand. You spend thousands of dollars, but do not see the direct results of your efforts. In other words, you cannot find the exact same increase in sales dollars deposited into your bank account. This is where many entrepreneurs struggle with Small Business Marketing.  But there are ways around this dilemma. You can use direct marketing and still keep your costs in control while making some money.

bullet-managment-sectionManagement Secrets

When you are running a business, it is easy to get sidetracked by the daily “fire drills” that come across your desk.  In this section we will review Small Business Management strategies that show you how to put “best practice” processes in place for your business.  Allowing you to proactively manage your business, instead of reacting to the drama of the day.


Business Analysis: Understanding Your CORE Metrics

This is where many entrepreneurs struggle.  They assume that analysis is reserved for the accountant that they visit once a quarter.  But the truth is that may of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time have been data nerds.  They understand Business Analysis and the key metrics that drive their business.  In this section, we will uncover the best ways to release your inner-nerd.

As well as reading through the already existing articles, be sure to come back regularly, so that you can find more great pointers.

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