Arena.xlsm Guide – A Video Game in Excel

Dude… Like a REALLLL Video Game in Excel???  Like… Free, Right?

Yeah…  That’s what I thought too.  When I first chatted with Cary Walkin over at

I recommended Cary’s VBA tutorial BLOG VBA4Play over on my Excel Help – Resources & Tutorials page, because I was blown away by the level of detail that was in the blog.   You know, like step by step on how to create and maneuver through a graphical maze in excel.  You know…  cool stuff.


He mentioned that he also had released a game in Excel that kind of started the whole thing.  So I downloaded it and tried it.

You know what?

Its pretty friggin’ cool.

Its not Call of Duty, and I am not PewDiePie (SUP’ BRO?).

But if you are a nerd for this stuff like me… then its gotta make you think…  what did I accomplish in the few months that it took Cary to first put this together?

<oh yeah — I remember — nothin‘>

It’s a full RPG that playable within Excel. It features over 2,000 random enemies, 1,000 random items, and eight boss encounters. Arena also has four different endings depending on how players tackle the adventure.

So here is a non-technical view of the game.  Below the video, there are more links on how you download it and navigate Cary’s Arena.Xlsm world.

So the first thing you are probably thinking is…

Dude…  That was kinda cool.  Free right?  Where do I download?


The second thing you were probably thinking was…

DUDE…  Don’t Player HATE… Player APPRECIATE… I Need A Pimp Name

For your enjoyment (mostly mine), I have PIMPIFIED a few guys (and ladies) that run some of the more frequented Excel Blogs…


Like Arena.XLSM?

So, did you like this?  Did you download the game?  Give it a whirl?  Make the boss think you were working late when you were actually leveling up doing hand-to-hand combat with a Squirrel ? (pssssst… I know you did)

Then download the game.  Leave a comment.  Give a like.  Tell a friend or somethin’.

Until next time…

Be A Champion.

Rick Grantham

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John - October 31, 2013 Reply

Looks pretty cool, Rick

Does this work in Mac? I think I heard you mention something about Windows?

I have Windows on my Mac via VMWare, just wondering which side to install?


P.S. Are there any zombies? I like killing zombies…..

    Cary Walkin - October 31, 2013 Reply

    Hi John,

    The game will only work on Windows, Excel versions 2007-2013.

    To answer your other question (spoiler): By level 10 you may encounter zombies and zombie variants.

    Cary Walkin

Andy Grimm - October 31, 2013 Reply

Cool – The interface reminds of the games I played .. hmm.. about 25 years ago on my first Atari :-)…

Geoff Hornbeck - November 1, 2013 Reply

Great game, but I totally got sidetracked by the “Get Pimped” website.

I’m thinkin’ about making a Facebook Fan Page for:

Sticky Fingers G. Shizzle



Valerie Goettsch - November 1, 2013 Reply

I had no idea that you could play games using Excel. Very cool.

Petros - March 24, 2014 Reply

Here is the Excel version of the 2048 viral web game, originally created by Gabrielle Cerulli. There are some additional features – not found in the web version – which can easily get you to the 2048 tile. Tweak unlocked VBA to 4096, if 2048 is too easy for you ! Have fun !

(1) Play offline (2) Screen capture log (3) Save/Resume (4) Undo moves

YourSpreadsheets - November 8, 2015 Reply

There is a new game in Excel that I highly recommend: 2048 Brainteasers. The game takes the traditional 2048 to a whole new level. It has more than 50 challenging levels with special tiles to make things more interesting. The game is done in Excel spreadsheet. It also has an Undercover Agent mode so you can play at work without being caught. There is also an Android version if you would like to play on your mobile.




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