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Rick GranthamHey there!

Welcome to our community.

I have always been interested in small businesses and process improvement.  I am also a bit of a nerd for analytics — receiving a Six-Sigma Blackbelt and leading large multi-national teams in Business Intelligence and Analytics deployments.

All of this has led me to what I believe if my life’s calling… Helping others improve their businesses through simple and inexpensive means of streamlining their processes.

To that end, I have just completed my first e-book, Small Business Champion – 10 Hurdles And How You Can Win The Race .  This is a 36 page FREE Download that outlines many of the hurdles that small business owners struggle with as they attempt to grow their businesses.  I outline techniques and shortcuts to help you get past some of the most common ‘sticking points” in your business.

Secondly, To help with Small Business Automation, I have templated many small business solutions into my new Small Business Champion Bundle.  This is a series of templates in Excel that can fast-forward your business growth.  Several of the templates are included as screenshots in my e-book.

Feel free to reach out to me on our LinkedIN page Small Business Optimization, or on my Facebook Page.

Also, is there something that you would like to see here on RickGrantham.com ?  If so, just drop me an email at info@rickgrantham.com .  I love getting email and am anxious to talk to you about your business.